Friday, January 29, 2010


It has been a week, but I thought I would share this anyway.

Last Saturday one of my longest friends, Jennifer James, got married. There are so many things I love about weddings, but this one was particularly special to me because Jen and I have known each other since birth. We grew up together at church, had numerous sleepovers and did so many things together when we were young.

I couldn't believe how little Jenny James just all of a sudden grew up into this absolutely stunning bride! It's so nice to see her happy and with the man who makes her happy!

In other wedding news, Marc got way too many compliments from strangers. After the ceremony, an older lady who was sitting in front of us turned around and told Marc he had an absolutely beautiful singing voice. Also, during the reception, Marc and I took turns holding and playing with a friend's baby. According to Marc multiple people came up to him and told him he was a very good dad! I thought that these remarks were very cute :)

Overall it was a great night! The food was amazing, the live band was amazing, even the sloppy wet weather was amazing!

So congrats Jen and Jer! May you have many happy years ahead of you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Week Of Firsts

This first week of the new year has been quite a week. I actually can't believe that it's almost over!

Although I have been very stressed out about work, there have been a few moments that have made my job feel real for the first time.

Yesterday I received my very FIRST camper application! It was so exciting to see it. And although I am waiting for a few more in order to process a bunch together, it's still nice to know that kids (and parents) are already excited about the summer!

Tomorrow our brochures go out. This was the FIRST time I have ever done a large mail out. This was a stressful experience, but also a very rewarding one. It's done, it only took us one day longer then we had planned for!

I also attended my very FIRST yoga class last night. Before going I was sure it would be my first and last, but it was so great! The best part of all though was that after all of the hard work I did (the class is over an hour long) I somehow felt so relaxed! I had the best sleep ever last night.....the FIRST in a long time! And today I feel great! I don't believe in all of the teachings of yoga, but there are definitely bodily benefits from doing it!

Anyway, back to work I go!!!!!