Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 9: What a Day!

There were so many things that happened today that I will be doing this one in point form.

-great sleep
-first bus didn't come, missed second bus, was later getting to work
-walked for about 10mins to work and got huge blisters on my feet
-staff meeting for almost 2 hours
-lunch was great! I had left over chicken fingers and honey dill sauce
-got my first official phone call
-figured out how to get an invoice (thanks Will!)
-worked on brochure stuff with Shannon
-my writings will be published (in the brochure)
-stayed later at work, which made me get home later
-felt sick.....and it's getting worse
-missing mini putt golf because of sickness
-watching Big Bang Theory!
-Marc made supper
-cat ate my rice....but it was cute
-having Sprite to make me feel better
-hopefully going to feel better

What a day!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 8: It's Been a While

So today I am at work, I have my program, and I still have little to do. Yesterday was CRAZY, I was working on payments and seeing who hasn't paid yet, etc. Will was in (the big boss) and he got me doing lots of things, however I was unable to finish because people weren't home, and faxes weren't coming in. LAME.

Today things are slow, but I am enjoying talking with my co-workers about next summer and things we need to change, add, etc. Next summer is going to be amazing!!!! Things that we have started planning SO GREAT!!! I hope that people are excited too, especially the future campers!

I have also mailed off some letters to my fellow camp workers! Pretty normal stuff. I just wrote out the info, put stamps on, and left them for Pat to take to the mailbox.

Right now I am just waiting for lunch to come. So soon!

I am sure that I will have more to say later.

ps. Last week as I was riding the bus I saw the best dressed man ever! He was about 65yrs old, and dressed in all white. To accessorize he had a huge gold chain and multiple gold bracelets. However, the best part of it all was that he had great white shoes, with white sport socks. It was very excellent!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 4: At Camp

Yesterday I was privileged enough to actually get to go out to camp for the day!!!! Mostly because I needed to get all of the registrar things from the camp office and bring them into the city. But still, it was great! It was so nice seeing friends from the summer, although they were super busy yesterday with groups, or dying of crazy diseases.

I learned the new program I will be working with (access) and Shauna signed me up for day classes to learn more about it. So that should be interesting. Long and boring days......but at least then I will know what I am doing.

I found out yesterday that my job includes a lot of mailing things.....every week. So today I am hoping Pat will teach me!!!

Tonight Marc and I are heading out to Morden, tomorrow there is a Parkensins walk. We are walking for Marc's aunt. It should be fun! And easy! It will only be 5Km.......unlike the 10Km that Lindsay and I walked in June (that was brutal). I am looking forward to a night in a hotel. Away from the city.

Well, that's all for right now. I need to get ready for work and get Marc up so he doesn't almost miss work like yesterday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 3: Lazy Day

So Shannon is off to camp for the day, so I am just chilling around the office trying to find work for myself! So far I have read an article on teens and media, checked my facebook like a million times, called Marc, tried to do some photoshop stuff (which is NOT working) and now I am blogging to my readers (are there any?).

I was thinking the other day of making my blog kind of like the Julie/Julia movie. Not that I am trying to cook like Julia Child.....that would just be crazy.....but kind of update people on the office life, etc. I had a dream that this worked and people from all over the world who worked in offices followed my blog and commented on it. However, I think that this blog will only reach a small portion of "fans". SIGH.

The theme for next summer is going to be fun to work with! ABOVE THE NOISE!!! So I have started looking at ideas for Bible Ex, mostly just ideas for the cover design. But when I was talking with Shannon yesterday, she had mentioned the idea of having a video Bible Ex, instead of books......well that just got my mind going.

No hints yet. But if she likes my ideas then I will definitely fill you in :)

Sweet! 45 minutes until I am out of here!!!!

Until next time. Office Girl Out!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 2: Leaving Early

What a day! So we did have a meeting! It was great! Every Tuesday is our devotional time! Which is going to be so encouraging!!! However, the best part of my day is when Shannon (my boss) said that I could leave early today, and come in late and leave by noon tomorrow! What a great boss!!!

So right now I am home and relaxing!

Day 2: Late

Yesterday was my first day of work, and let me tell you it is nothing like the show The Office. I watched 2 whole seasons just to prepare myself, but that show is not the real world. First of all, I don't have a crazy boss who always wants to talk in the conference room. In fact, we have yet to have a meeting. Secondly, there are no cameras. Every time I do a goofy "Jim" smile I expect a camera crew to be watching me. This is not the case. Instead I look ridiculous. Thirdly, even though my job is slack for this week (until I become officially trained), I still have things to do. There are no pranks being pulled, there are no parties, and there is definitely NOT any flirting.

Overall it was a great first day! It went by quickly, I got some work done, and so far my boss is happy!!!!

Today, however, is already a different story. Due to a stalled car I missed my second bus, which made me 30 minutes late. Good thing they are very understanding here at Camp Arnes!

So right now I am sitting in my chair, at my desk, in my empty cubical (which is gray and depressing) all sweaty from a 20 minute walk (from Monroe to work......not bad timing!!!) just waiting for a program to download.

More to come later! I promise!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Officially An Office Girl Part 1

It's the morning. I am getting ready. I woke up at 5am today, and for no particular reason. It definitely does not take me three hours to get ready.....I guess I am just full of nerves. Lots and lots of nerves. I actually have no idea what I will be doing today, since my city boss said that my computer is still at camp......which does not help me at all.

I decided on wearing the skirt that I bought on the what to wear it with?!?!? I guess I should have given myself three hours to get ready. ACH!

I am really hoping that the people I will be going to work with have some quirks about them, if not my blogs will be super boring. I am really hoping that it's like the Office, except that my boss isn't a complete moron with no respect for anything and actually works.

Well, this is only part 1.......stay tuned for more blogging once this fine day is over and I am back at home!!!

ps. Date with Terrin tonight, so looking forward to this. We haven't seen each other in forever!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 2......Getting Ready for the Office Life

So yesterday I went shopping for some office type clothing to wear. I bought myself a skirt. I love it!! It's grey, A-line, and it's totally hot for the office. I think I will wear it on Monday.

Today was a lazy day, for both Marc and myself. We basically just cleaned. All day long. Right now we are doing laundry. So exciting! NOT.

Tomorrow is church as well as Marc's dad's birthday. So tomorrow will be filled with party after party! After church there is a carnival and thanks to Lindsay being away and Rhonda being sick I am now in charge of doing facepainting. Which should totally suck for the kids because I can't paint faces to save my life. Oh well!

The Christmas play is coming along nicely! Only a few more weeks until rehearsal starts......I can't believe it's time again. It feels like only a few months ago we were celebrating Christmas. Where does the time go????? Today Marc wrote a great song! Oh yes. Didn't you know....this year is a mini musical?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is all for now.

Office update will come Monday. Once I have actually been there!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 1......Almost an Office Girl

So, basically this is for Lindsay so she can read all about what's going on in Winnipeg! But most of all about me and my ever-changing life!!!!!

My dear Lindsay, this is all for you!!!!

In exactly 4 sleeps I will be starting a new job, at Camp Arnes! For the next year (hopefully more) I will be the camp's Summer Registrar. This basically means that I take in every camper's application, deal with their money, plan cabin assignments and basically sit at a desk and talk on the phone all day long. I will also be doing a bit of summer programming! Which is what I would love to do FOREVER!

Also, Marc and I got approved for a mortgage! (LINDSAY WE ARE GETTING A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!) Well, we haven't really started looking, but hopefully this weekend we will be able to check out some homes and see what we can afford.

Right now, as I am typing this, I am watching season 4 of the Office. I am trying to get a feel for the office life.......I am excited to see who will be who! I am super excited to see Cliff our accountant, I have heard he is super interesting. I think I will like the office life, sitting all day long.

Does anyone have advice for a new office worker???? Tips? Helpful ideas?

Well I think that is all for now. I will keep you all (Linds) updated.....there will be lots when work is boring.