Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 9: What a Day!

There were so many things that happened today that I will be doing this one in point form.

-great sleep
-first bus didn't come, missed second bus, was later getting to work
-walked for about 10mins to work and got huge blisters on my feet
-staff meeting for almost 2 hours
-lunch was great! I had left over chicken fingers and honey dill sauce
-got my first official phone call
-figured out how to get an invoice (thanks Will!)
-worked on brochure stuff with Shannon
-my writings will be published (in the brochure)
-stayed later at work, which made me get home later
-felt sick.....and it's getting worse
-missing mini putt golf because of sickness
-watching Big Bang Theory!
-Marc made supper
-cat ate my rice....but it was cute
-having Sprite to make me feel better
-hopefully going to feel better

What a day!!!

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