Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 17: This One is For You Dave!!!

Well, I just found out this morning that ONE person reads this! Thanks Dave! That made me feel super special!

So let me update you on the past week and a bit.

This past weekend we had a camp fundraiser which was pretty amazing. There were over 300 people there and lots of money was donated! I was a part of the serving team, which also consisted of Marc and my sister Kayla, because we needed extra hands. Even though it was a really long night, I had so much fun!

On Monday I attended my first nerd class............I took an access computer course to make my skills better. However it was kind of a waste of a day because almost everything that I was taught I already new. But next week I am taking level 2, which is focused more on starting up a database from scratch! Which should be interesting. I am also looking at talking to Will about signing me up for come DreamWeaver classes so I can take over the website!

Who knew that I would become such a computer geek????

Right now at work I am working on hunting down the parents/guardians who owe us money. Even if it's $5 I am on their tails! It's been fun though! Figuring out how to merge a word document with a query........see there I go again. Super Nerd!

Today my plan is to blog, meet a friend for coffee at 11am, have lunch when I get back, and do some STATS from this past summer (I started this yesterday, but there are so many more I have to do), and then I am off to home!

Enjoy your day! And thanks for reading!

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