Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Update on Life

Well, it has been such a long time since I have posted anything. However, I shouldn't be complaining because I have been super busy at work, which is a good thing!

We have almost 200 campers coming so far. Every single camp has at least 1 camper every week! (even drama camp!) I am constantly mailing out brochures to parents/grandparents who want to send there kid(s) to camp. Yup, life is busy here at the office.

As of tomorrow we are losing an employee here in the office. Which is sad. And, from what I was told yesterday, part of this employee's responsibilities when it comes to event planning now falls in my lap. Something I neither have time for nor think I would be particularly good at. But that's the way life goes.

In good (actually great news) on of our board members struck a deal with the River East Transcona School Division allowing us access into the schools, and giving every elementary student a brochure. And although this is great news! this means that my job becomes much more difficult. Let's just say that right now I am waiting on 5000 more brochures to be printed to make this dream a reality! But all in all it's really exciting! And it's really great to see how God works, even in little ways like this one. Now all I have to do is pray for volunteers to help with this massive project!

In holiday news, Marc and I will be spending a week in BC near the end of April. Something that is LONG overdue. It will be so nice to see old friends (no Dave and Jo I don't mean to say that you are old, just that I have known you for a long time), relax, and enjoy the sun for once! Once this vacation is done we are home for exactly 4 days and then we head down with a caravan of people from our church to Atlanta for the DRIVE conference, which I am so excited that I can go on!

Anyway, there is a little update on life, both at work and with things that I am very much looking forward to!

Enjoy your day, I know I will......because here in Winnipeg it's like -50 with the wind chill!