Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 33: What Comes Before Part B????

I will let you take a minute to sit an ponder this answer. When you have figured it out, please laugh out loud as long and as hard as you would like! The answer is the reason for my blog tonight!

Today was the first party that we have held in our office since I started almost 2 months ago. And boy, it was a gooder! But I have to say that since it was my idea and I planned it all (almost).

We had our monthly staff meeting this morning which lasted almost 2 whole hours, but it led nicely into the potluck lunch that we prepared! Last week while I was making a sign up sheet for lunch I was asked the question "what theme will our meal have?". I totally hadn't thought of that, so I quickly responded "Mennonite". The food today was amazing! So much meat! I made perogies, well I bought perogies from our local Food Fare because they have them specially made and with no dairy as well! So I fried up my perogies with some bacon and they were super good! A little cold because all we have at work is a microwave, and it's old.

After lunch we played a mean round of Office Bingo, which surprisingly was a huge hit! Melissa went to Dollarama and bought some great Halloween prizes, which everyone seemed to love! Our next game didn't go over so well, so we quickly moved on to our third game. A race around the office in our rolly office chairs, using only our hands to get us around. I think people liked this game, but didn't like the fact that physical effort had to be used. I think our office is pretty small, but they were tired. I guess next time I plan games I need to try them myself in order to see how things work.

Once all was said and done and cleaned up I went home. Not because I worked so hard that I deserved the rest of the day off, but because I was feeling sick. Pat said I had a fever, and my stomach was trying to eat itself all morning. So I went home thanks to Melissa and slept for almost 3 whole hours! It was great!

Until next time....The Office Girl

ps. PLEASE tell me you got my joke?!?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 32: Opening Up

The people in my office are very different, some of them hide in their office pretending that none of us exist, while others sit at their desk making so much noise knowing full well everyone in all of Winnipeg will hear them. I have found it to be an interesting thing trying to figure out what I should do and how much noise, so to speak, I should be making.

At staff meetings I am quiet, mostly because I am the new girl and my thoughts do not really count. I try and talk to everyone on a personal level at least once a day, to make my other office nerds know that I do appreciate them. Pat, on the other hand, is probably getting sick of me because whenever I am bored or need to stretch I go and visit her. Sometimes I make up problems that I have just so I can leave my lonely, gray world and talk to another life form. Most of the time answering the phones just doesn't cut it for me.

With all of that said, I started to think about my personal life and how I communicate with my friends and family. Sometimes I have things to say but I never say them. Also, I read Terrin's blog today about how she is feeling about youth and stuff, and there are things that I should be saying to help encourage her!

So let me start with the dear Terrin Ramsey! You are so great at your job! I mean how many people can juggle a million jobs all at once? As for youth, well I was hardly around when you did it before and haven't been there since, but I know that the kids love you so much. And I had a blast working with you during our months at the canteen/cafe! You have such a heart for people! And remember, sometimes people forget to encourage. Just know that we love the hard work you are doing!!!!! PA would be lost without you!

There are many others that I can think of that I should write about, but I will leave it at Terrin for now.

I hope that whoever reads this will think of at least 5 people that they can encourage today!

Signing out......The Office Girl

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 31: Harassment!

I am not sure what to title this blog post. Not a whole lot happened today. Well, I have been harassing people who do owe us money from the I will call it HARASSMENT!

It is a horrible job making sure people pay and hunting them down like wild game, but somebody has to do it.

There is a party for our office on Thursday (all my idea!) and it's going to be a blast! It's a non-Halloween party. We are going to have lots of food and games with sweet prizes! Our lunch is going to be Mennonite themed, which was also my idea! Mostly because I couldn't think of a theme and Mennonite food is all I know! (Besides fast food....but I am not sure how that theme would have flied here in the office).

I am tired. It's been a long day. And it will be an even longer evening as I am off to volleyball tonight :)

See you later!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, so much has happened this last week. I graduated from University and Marc and I bought ourselves our very first home! It's been a HUGE week for The Office Girl.

Speaking of The Office Girl, she is loving her new job and the people of her office! Yes they might all have their weird quirks, like not locking the bathroom door or having a horrible sounding throat clearing problem, but all in all they are great people!

The best part of it all is that they laugh at my jokes! Even when they are not funny! It's great!!!!!

I am learning so much and having so much fun! I am so blessed to have a job like this one!

As you may have noticed, today is Saturday. But don't worry, I am NOT in the office. That would be just silly. But I figured that since I hadn't written in a while I would update you all on The Office Girl's weekend life!

Today is lazy/doing nothing/cleaning day in our house! Right now Marc is off at the Bombers game (I bet I already know the outcome of the game......Bombers suck) with his friend Daniel. And I am stuck at home being lazy..........soon the house cleaning thing will kick in.

Later in the day we are going to pick up some boxes from STEPHEN ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND! (See Steve, I do mention you in my blog) And start packing little things that we will not be needing during the next month. Quite exciting!

Other than all of this, not too much is happening for the rest of the day. I just love Saturdays!

I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am enjoying mine :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 23: Rules

People hate rules. But I rather enjoy them.
Rules can save lives. Rules can help prevent unwanted things. Rules allow for this world to function.

There are even rules here in the office. For example, we have an IN/OUT board to let us all know where you are. Very helpful. We also have a "clean up after yourself" rule along with a weekly chore board for the bigger office cleaning tasks.

However the rule that I mostly enjoy is the rule of locking the bathroom door. We have both sexes in our office and just one bathroom. There is one particular male in my office who insisted on getting a lock for this door to prevent him walking in on one of his female co-workers. This rule is smart and has a purpose.

Today there was a moment in the afternoon when things were slow and I had a really full bladder, so I decided to head on over to the bathroom. I opened the door........And what did I find???? This said male co-worker of mine tucking his shirt into his pants. "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LOCKING THE DOOR RULE BUDDY!" is what I wanted to say, but all I could get out was an "I'm sorry".

How embarrassing!

Needless to say I LOVE rules! Especially when people follow them!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 20: All By Myself

Today is kind of a sad day because no one is here.....well Cliff is here but he pretty much just likes to be left alone. Steve is out with Will for the morning (I think), they have a bunch of meetings, Shannon is at a group project meeting for one of her classes, Melissa has yet to show up this week, and today is Pat's day off. So I am just trying to keep myself occupied with things, like this blog and facebook and looking for houses online. So far my first almost hour has been rather productive.

This coming weekend is a long weekend, because of Thanksgiving, and I thought that since everybody does it I will write a list of the things I have been thankful for over this last year.

Dear reader(s), just so you know you are my number one reason for being thankful! Because without you I really wouldn't have a reason to write!!!!

I am also thankful for
-family and friends
-my kitty
-a great place to live, even though we are looking for something better, a house
-this job, I love Camp!
-our car! it has been great all year long!
-my mom's cooking!
-our Church

I am sure there are more things, but that's all I can think of right now.

I hope you all have a great long weekend! And gain a few pounds due to someone's amazing Thanksgiving Cooking!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 17: This One is For You Dave!!!

Well, I just found out this morning that ONE person reads this! Thanks Dave! That made me feel super special!

So let me update you on the past week and a bit.

This past weekend we had a camp fundraiser which was pretty amazing. There were over 300 people there and lots of money was donated! I was a part of the serving team, which also consisted of Marc and my sister Kayla, because we needed extra hands. Even though it was a really long night, I had so much fun!

On Monday I attended my first nerd class............I took an access computer course to make my skills better. However it was kind of a waste of a day because almost everything that I was taught I already new. But next week I am taking level 2, which is focused more on starting up a database from scratch! Which should be interesting. I am also looking at talking to Will about signing me up for come DreamWeaver classes so I can take over the website!

Who knew that I would become such a computer geek????

Right now at work I am working on hunting down the parents/guardians who owe us money. Even if it's $5 I am on their tails! It's been fun though! Figuring out how to merge a word document with a query........see there I go again. Super Nerd!

Today my plan is to blog, meet a friend for coffee at 11am, have lunch when I get back, and do some STATS from this past summer (I started this yesterday, but there are so many more I have to do), and then I am off to home!

Enjoy your day! And thanks for reading!