Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 32: Opening Up

The people in my office are very different, some of them hide in their office pretending that none of us exist, while others sit at their desk making so much noise knowing full well everyone in all of Winnipeg will hear them. I have found it to be an interesting thing trying to figure out what I should do and how much noise, so to speak, I should be making.

At staff meetings I am quiet, mostly because I am the new girl and my thoughts do not really count. I try and talk to everyone on a personal level at least once a day, to make my other office nerds know that I do appreciate them. Pat, on the other hand, is probably getting sick of me because whenever I am bored or need to stretch I go and visit her. Sometimes I make up problems that I have just so I can leave my lonely, gray world and talk to another life form. Most of the time answering the phones just doesn't cut it for me.

With all of that said, I started to think about my personal life and how I communicate with my friends and family. Sometimes I have things to say but I never say them. Also, I read Terrin's blog today about how she is feeling about youth and stuff, and there are things that I should be saying to help encourage her!

So let me start with the dear Terrin Ramsey! You are so great at your job! I mean how many people can juggle a million jobs all at once? As for youth, well I was hardly around when you did it before and haven't been there since, but I know that the kids love you so much. And I had a blast working with you during our months at the canteen/cafe! You have such a heart for people! And remember, sometimes people forget to encourage. Just know that we love the hard work you are doing!!!!! PA would be lost without you!

There are many others that I can think of that I should write about, but I will leave it at Terrin for now.

I hope that whoever reads this will think of at least 5 people that they can encourage today!

Signing out......The Office Girl

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