Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 33: What Comes Before Part B????

I will let you take a minute to sit an ponder this answer. When you have figured it out, please laugh out loud as long and as hard as you would like! The answer is the reason for my blog tonight!

Today was the first party that we have held in our office since I started almost 2 months ago. And boy, it was a gooder! But I have to say that since it was my idea and I planned it all (almost).

We had our monthly staff meeting this morning which lasted almost 2 whole hours, but it led nicely into the potluck lunch that we prepared! Last week while I was making a sign up sheet for lunch I was asked the question "what theme will our meal have?". I totally hadn't thought of that, so I quickly responded "Mennonite". The food today was amazing! So much meat! I made perogies, well I bought perogies from our local Food Fare because they have them specially made and with no dairy as well! So I fried up my perogies with some bacon and they were super good! A little cold because all we have at work is a microwave, and it's old.

After lunch we played a mean round of Office Bingo, which surprisingly was a huge hit! Melissa went to Dollarama and bought some great Halloween prizes, which everyone seemed to love! Our next game didn't go over so well, so we quickly moved on to our third game. A race around the office in our rolly office chairs, using only our hands to get us around. I think people liked this game, but didn't like the fact that physical effort had to be used. I think our office is pretty small, but they were tired. I guess next time I plan games I need to try them myself in order to see how things work.

Once all was said and done and cleaned up I went home. Not because I worked so hard that I deserved the rest of the day off, but because I was feeling sick. Pat said I had a fever, and my stomach was trying to eat itself all morning. So I went home thanks to Melissa and slept for almost 3 whole hours! It was great!

Until next time....The Office Girl

ps. PLEASE tell me you got my joke?!?!?!?!?!

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