Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 34: The Case of the Mondays

Well it is officially 5:15pm and I am still at the office! This makes me sound so good, but I really got here at 2pm today. I had an eye appointment, which took forever and so I have decided to stay until 6pm to make up for lost time....and to get paid for at least half a day!

An update:
I was sick all weekend, and slept most of it. I did miss Friday at work because I needed to sleep, but it was SO worth it! Saturday I was still tired and sick but I managed to pull myself together to pack up some of our belongings. Now our apartment looks horrible because it's full of cardboard boxes. Sunday was a long day....we were at church from 9-4 basically. But the Christmas production is coming along nicely!

Work today was fine. It was quiet in the office, I am not feeling well and Melissa is only working Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on, and I think Cliff was out running errands for part of the afternoon. I just think we all had a case of the Mondays (thank you Office Space!).

I actually got a lot done today! Right now Marc is in talks with doing a drama program at camp this summer, for a few weeks in August, and I have been working on the Bible Ex material. So far it's kind of lame and cheesey because I have to relate it to the Bible and drama, but the connections are there.

I also read part of a book, for research to help me understand teenagers for Bible Ex. It's called DO HARD THINGS by Alex and Brett Harris. So far it's great! Although I still don't really understand teens. Wait! Wasn't I one just a few years ago?!?!?!?!

I even answered the phone today! Two people called while I was at work, well actually it was the same guy calling twice. So technically I guess it was only one.

Right now I am just passing the time and taking a thinking break. I think I have earned one!

The Office Girl


  1. I thought you were still in high-school?!? Or no wait, that was the day-camper's mom :P

  2. No you guys knew I was not in high school. But a lot of other people did. Including the day camper's mom!