Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 44: Depends....like the Diapers.

So today at lunch Steve, Will, Pat, Shannon and myself were all sitting in our "lunch room" having some food when all of a sudden the conversation got interesting. The next thing we knew one person was sharing stories of their college/dorm years and all of the crazy things they did. One story involved a competition with fellow dorm-folk and the classic adult diaper Depends.

Here's how it goes:

These dorm people had to put on a diaper and wear it during the day. The first person to go in their diaper would win.....brownie points to the one who could poop first (pun so intended). This is a totally disgusting story, however now the camp "fun police" have it in their heads to have this type of competition one day. EW! I don't think it would really happen, but just the thought of not going to the bathroom at all during an 8 hour day makes me feel sick. And by "to the bathroom" I mean the room....not the doing.

Also today I learned that Will (the big boss) is actually very funny! Especially when he has food in his tummy! He also treats me like one of his own kids....today I got a slap on the head with a letter. Not in a bad/mean way, just in a father-like way. Sorry dad, you've been replaced with my new-improved office dad :(

In other news this week is moving week! We are thrilled to be leaving our apartment, just not so thrilled about the actual moving part. But so far we have many people who have offered to help us out! Although something tells me they are really just in it for the pizza......hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Work is work right now. It's quiet right now in the office, something that I hate. I am trying to update the database without messing it up. So far I have success, but we will see when registration time comes.

That's all for now.

Just promise me that when you use Depends, don't share this information with your friends. It's kind of gross.

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