Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 3: Lazy Day

So Shannon is off to camp for the day, so I am just chilling around the office trying to find work for myself! So far I have read an article on teens and media, checked my facebook like a million times, called Marc, tried to do some photoshop stuff (which is NOT working) and now I am blogging to my readers (are there any?).

I was thinking the other day of making my blog kind of like the Julie/Julia movie. Not that I am trying to cook like Julia Child.....that would just be crazy.....but kind of update people on the office life, etc. I had a dream that this worked and people from all over the world who worked in offices followed my blog and commented on it. However, I think that this blog will only reach a small portion of "fans". SIGH.

The theme for next summer is going to be fun to work with! ABOVE THE NOISE!!! So I have started looking at ideas for Bible Ex, mostly just ideas for the cover design. But when I was talking with Shannon yesterday, she had mentioned the idea of having a video Bible Ex, instead of books......well that just got my mind going.

No hints yet. But if she likes my ideas then I will definitely fill you in :)

Sweet! 45 minutes until I am out of here!!!!

Until next time. Office Girl Out!

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