Monday, September 14, 2009

Officially An Office Girl Part 1

It's the morning. I am getting ready. I woke up at 5am today, and for no particular reason. It definitely does not take me three hours to get ready.....I guess I am just full of nerves. Lots and lots of nerves. I actually have no idea what I will be doing today, since my city boss said that my computer is still at camp......which does not help me at all.

I decided on wearing the skirt that I bought on the what to wear it with?!?!? I guess I should have given myself three hours to get ready. ACH!

I am really hoping that the people I will be going to work with have some quirks about them, if not my blogs will be super boring. I am really hoping that it's like the Office, except that my boss isn't a complete moron with no respect for anything and actually works.

Well, this is only part 1.......stay tuned for more blogging once this fine day is over and I am back at home!!!

ps. Date with Terrin tonight, so looking forward to this. We haven't seen each other in forever!

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