Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 4: At Camp

Yesterday I was privileged enough to actually get to go out to camp for the day!!!! Mostly because I needed to get all of the registrar things from the camp office and bring them into the city. But still, it was great! It was so nice seeing friends from the summer, although they were super busy yesterday with groups, or dying of crazy diseases.

I learned the new program I will be working with (access) and Shauna signed me up for day classes to learn more about it. So that should be interesting. Long and boring days......but at least then I will know what I am doing.

I found out yesterday that my job includes a lot of mailing things.....every week. So today I am hoping Pat will teach me!!!

Tonight Marc and I are heading out to Morden, tomorrow there is a Parkensins walk. We are walking for Marc's aunt. It should be fun! And easy! It will only be 5Km.......unlike the 10Km that Lindsay and I walked in June (that was brutal). I am looking forward to a night in a hotel. Away from the city.

Well, that's all for right now. I need to get ready for work and get Marc up so he doesn't almost miss work like yesterday!

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