Monday, August 30, 2010

Home At Last!

Summer is over, and fall is just around the corner.

What does that mean for me here at camp????

My daily activities will now include:
1) Going through summer files and changing them from 2010 to 2011, updating as needed.
2) Harassing people (parents, businesses and agencies) to pay up!
3) Planning for the 2011 summer!
and 4) Preparing for our year-round activities.

This year we are having our usual Fall and Spring Ultimate Days. This is where campers and camper's friends come up to camp for the day and hang out with staff and participate in activities. We like to have them do things that they might not get a chance to do in the summer time. Events like this are a great way for people to reconnect and stay excited for summer camp! We are also hoping to have a winter getaway (fingers crossed) in December sometime. This will be like Ultimate Day but with winter activities over a two day period.....which includes sleeping over.

I am excited about the fall and the new things that it will bring!

I am also excited for Marc and his flourishing theatre company! We were at a wedding on Saturday and he received 4 job offers, 1 of them being a very serious one....which he is looking in to! It is exciting to see where God leads and how He opens doors!

We are blessed!

Well, that's all form this office girl for now.

Until next time! (Keep fit and have fun)

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