Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where Has The Summer Gone?

Today is August 19, 2010.

Have I really been at camp for 2 full months now?

Why did the 10 months of prep work for the summer seem to last forever, the summer comes and kids arrive and in a flash it is over.


That's the only word I can really use to describe it.

This summer has been an interesting one.....full of many highs and lows, life changes, big decisions, campers, food, people, and hardly any time at home in the city.

I am glad to say that Marc was with me for pretty much the whole time! That was a nice treat!

I just can't believe that in a week I move back home, back into the real world.

Things I will miss about camp:
-waking up whenever because breakfast will always be in the kitchen and it only takes me 30 seconds to walk to my desk
-jumping in the lake whenever it is too hot
-listening to young kids talk.....when they don't know I am listening
-talking with camp friends, about life and things
-not cooking or's been so nice not to have to do this!
-the sunsets on the lake
-trips to Gimli
-walking through the field at about 8:25pm and hearing the kids in the Wigwam and at Fireside singing praises to God!

I am sure there are more.

All I can say is "What a summer".

Am I ready to do this all over again??????

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