Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tired Beyond Words

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote.

Marc and I went on a 10 day holiday to the lovely BC.....we are 110% sure we are moving there once we retire/have kids. Who knows, either way we are headed west at some point in our lives.

It was quite an adventurous trip. We got lost in Stanley Park, a bus had a break catch on fire, we got stuck at the US border both ways, missed a bus to take us to the ferry and spent $50 on a 20min cab ride (thank goodness another lady shared it with us), climbed a huge mountain, ate lots of great west coast food, golfed in the rain, went to Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria and Penticton, went all the way up the Space Needle and overall had a great time away!

I was very thankful to get a break from work, which only seemed to be piled high when I got home.

This week has been a pretty crazy one: from trying to catch up on sleep and work to my dear, sweet Oma passing away. A death in the family (or anyone we know) is a hard thing to grasp. And just knowing how she was living her life I know that it is a good thing she has passed on. She is now in Heaven with Opa and Tante Kaethe. She is living and will eternally live in peace and great health (something that was lacking the last many years of her life).

Needless to say it has been a very draining week and I am looking forward to sleeping and resting. But life is busy, so who knows when that will happen?

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