Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Moir Update

Well, it's official. Marc and I make super cute babies! I am sure that once everyone sees him/her they will agree as well!

About 6 weeks ago we had our first ultrasound due to a baby scare. We were worried and only cared that baby was healthy. This time was different. Not that we didn't want to know if our baby was okay, but we could spend our time at the hospital enjoying every moment, instead of fearing the worst.

Like I said, I am pretty sure that our baby is the absolute cutest thing ever created! And we only had a flat, black and white version of it.

Here are a list of things we got to see/learned about our baby today! (this is mostly for me to remember when I look back on this time in my life, but I am sure you would like to know too)

-Our baby has a big head. Now the tech said it measured big, which apparently is normal. But I like to think it's because Marc has a big head (not a literal one, of course). No, actually what I was really thinking/hoping was that it doesn't grow anymore because the last thing I want to is push out a big headed baby!

-Baby Moir does not like to be woken up early and poked and prodded. On a normal day baby doesn't move around until lunch time and is not active until the evening. So today, poor baby had to get up early and be woken up at 7am to be looked at. Because of this he/she refused for the longest time to cooperate. He/she had its back to the tech for almost the whole time she was looking. Silly baby!

-This baby has the Abrahams' nose. Of course it would. The one thing I didn't like the most about my body and my poor baby gets it! Actually, I have grown in to liking my nose, I am sure baby will too. I talked to my dad this morning and mentioned this very thing, I think he was happy that something of his was passed down!

-Our baby is a mover and a shaker. It was so amazing to see it wave it's arms and kick it's legs! Something so small is so complete. All I can say is amazing!

-We got to see a lot of other body parts (legs, arms, hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth, heart, spin, rib cage, etc.) It was so amazing (I really need to think of another word).

-Heart beat is 149

-Growth is on schedule, they actually gave us a new due date of May 21 (two days off, so I am not really worried about it)

-Sadly, we did not find out if we are having a boy or a girl. But I think I am okay with that. Baby was being silly (as mentioned before) and making it hard for the tech to see anything down there. I think we will still do the 3D baby thing in the next month or so just in case we can find out.

Anyway, that is the Baby Moir update for today!

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