Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soy Bean

I can't believe I haven't posted a baby update in a long time!

Soy Bean is now approximately 6 pounds and growing a lot each week. This week baby found my ribs and decided to get stuck in them. That was not a pleasant experience.

As for everything else, the baby's room is all ready to go. Last week we picked up the last few essentials (like a car seat) and now we are just waiting. The one thing I have procrastinated in doing is packing a bag to take with us to the hospital. I figure I still have time before that is really needed.

Marc is busy with writing and a few shows here and there. I am busy with enjoying my maternity leave! Nothing could be greater then waking up whenever I feel like it, and having a nap whenever I feel like it......I am glad I decided to take some time off of work before this baby comes to get a lot of rest and enjoy a few of life's simple pleasures.

My next few weeks will be busy with hanging out with my mom. She is off of work now until September, however not for as good of a reason as I have. Today she spent around 3 hours having her knee replaced. Anyway, since I am not working and still able to get around, I have decided to spend as much of her recovery time with her as I can. Tomorrow I will be heading to the hospital to keep her company and next week I will move in to the house to take care of her every need! (you can all now insert your comments on how sweet of a daughter I am.....I can wait for a few minutes!)

Other then that Marc and I are trying to make every quiet moment last. This baby is coming soon (hopefully sooner rather then later).

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